COVID-19 Protocol

At Hive Home Inspections, we are strictly following the HIABC Inspection Guidelines during the pandemic. The well being of our clients, agents and home occupants is top priority. Please read the following guidelines carefully.


  1. Access into the house is permitted for clients and their realtor for the summary review, provided that is

    acceptable to the occupants. Please do not bring additional family members and friends. Please put on a mask upon entering the home and follow safe distancing practices.

  2. Do NOT attend if you feel sick or have, in the last 14 days, been in contact with someone who is sick or has recently travelled outside of the country.

Home Inspectors

  1. If the home inspector becomes sick or was in contact with someone who has coronavirus, the inspection will be rescheduled or cancelled. The inspector will not travel outside of the country during the pandemic.

  2. The inspector will wear personal protection equipment including a mask and shoe covers (or inside shoes that can be sanitized). Hand sanitizer will be used on entry to the home and all surfaces will be wiped if surface contact is unpreventable. 

  3. The inspector will sanitize all tools used during the inspection.

Seller's Realtor

  1. If, in the last 14 days, any of the occupants of the home were sick, were in contact with someone who has coronavirus, or has recently travelled outside of Canada, please reschedule. 

  2. Ask the sellers to provide clear and unobstructed access to the heating equipment, water heater, electrical panel,main water shutoff, and attic access hatch. This will ensure the inspector does not handle any of the seller’s contents more than necessary.

  3. Ask the sellers to raise/open all window coverings so the inspector can open and close the windows as is required by our Scope of Inspection. This limits the items the inspector must handle in the seller’s home.